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Resident Evil 4 Remake

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Resident Evil 4 was a 10/10 game when it was released and remains so to this day. Despite the years since its initial release, Leonโ€™s adventure has held up incredibly well thanks to a combination of fantastic gameplay, a fun story, campy characters..

Added by tomjane

Nearly 20 years later, Resident Evil 4 is just as much of a masterpiece today as it was in 2005. Capcom has faithfully remade a genuine classic by bringing it into the modern age and kitting it out with new content, tremendous combat...

Added by DozKiller

Resident Evil 4 Remake is a more mature and darker take on Leonโ€™s Euro Trip that constantly plays with your expectations and prior knowledge. The core narrative stays true to the original, but it's not afraid to make some significant changes...

Added by Boar

Thereโ€™s a captivating and unsettling aura that enshrouds the familiar trek through the claustrophobic European village. Although Resident Evil 4 remains true to its roots with some cringy dialogue, Capcom alters several elements to improve the...

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